Monday, July 18, 2011

Clean Up time!

Ok, so I'm a procrastinator at times. Especially when it's hard work or maybe that's called laziness?? LOL. Either way, the clean up of my garage has been a project that I have delayed for a couple years. Especially when I started to collect more and more party goods, things really started to build. After a while I just couldn't find anything! I would buy things, forget or not know what happened to them and then went out to buy it again....wasting money. Finally after 2 years, I got down to business, with the help of my sister. So as embarrassing as it is, I want to share my befores and afters. I am so happy now that I have my "warehouse" in order!

We took everything out!
Clearing little by little
I was thinking of throwing this hutch out but my sister convinced me that it could be put to good use and she was right. It's now holding my glass goods. The drawers are also being used as storage.
Bought a storage shelf and finally separated things by catagory!
I now have a space for my tin buckets and tier stands
There is room to walk now!! YAY! The other half of the garage has a pile of things but we are going to have a yard sale this weekend to get rid of it all.... hopefully.

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