Sunday, June 5, 2011

A New Project....

Why hello new blog! If you followed my other blog from the beginning, you know that it started as a mommy blog. As I shared more and more of my party planning passion, it soon took another turn. It was an exciting turn but I stopped posting about family stuff. Not only that but my family started to get scrutinized and I wasn't comfortable sharing things about what we did as a family or my children's milestones. As time has gone by I have missed blogging about this stuff, not so much to share with people but I really love having this as a virtual scrapbook. Plus I'm starting to blow up my Facebook albums! LOL. So as I continue to read a few of my favorite mom blogs, it inspired me to start this up again, with a fresh mind set and all the negativity behind me. Now, I won't be blogging about every little thing my kids do or what I made for dinner tonight but more of sharing our good times. I can't promise that this will be very interesting and I'm not sure how regular I can post, being that I'm barely trying to keep up with J. At Your Service. But this is something I want for myself and if there are others that would like to follow, then that's great. I'm very proud of my family and our unity. The way I see it, it's Team Rivas against the world!! :)

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