Friday, April 27, 2012

Nate's New Bed

I must admit, I am now guilty of what I have been against since the birth of my first child..... letting your kid sleep in your bed! Shame on me, I know. Nate is are only son, the youngest and our last child, so this boy is SPOILED. He gets away with murder and anything else. Last winter, over a year ago, Nate started to get sick a lot. He had non-stop ear infections, colds, breathing issues and acid reflux problems. So to keep an eye on him at night, we had him sleep in our bed. Well.... he never left! LOL. I think we all just got so comfortable. Personally, I don't even mind having him in our bed, because he really doesn't bother me. My hubs is the one that gets all the abuse! Heh. But I knew it was time to get him out, at least that's the plan anyway. So another of my home projects was his bedroom. It hadn't been changed ever, not since making it a baby room. There is still lots to do in there but I wanted to share his bed. I ended up buying an old, used headboard from the furniture store that I ordered his mattresses from. I also bought a couple of small ottomans, that have storage span inside of them. I decided to upholster the headboard using the left over houndstooth fabric that I had from my friends baby shower. I also wanted to give his bedroom a theme that could grow with him. I'm not trying to change up his room every year to suit his new interests. I can change up the colors in his room easily with the use of this black and white houndstooth. Like I said, I still have things to add but check out my first attempt at upholstering a headboard. Btw, I was inspired by Pinterest. So many cool ideas on that site, sometimes my brain goes into overload! LOL.


  1. I love love love Nate' new bed!!! Great job Mommy!!!

  2. Cool bed for a cool kid...great job J!